Blanket Numbers

2017 was a busy year for Project Linus, both nationally and here in Tucson. Let’s look at the numbers.

  • There are 295 Project Linus chapters in the US.
  • The Tucson chapter deliveres 6,845 blankets in 2017.
  • Project Linus Tucson has delivered 72,945 blankets since our start in spring of 1999.
  • 6,673,024 blankets have been distributed across the country since Project Linus emerged in 1995.
  • The average blanket is approximately 60″ long. If we were to connect all of the blankets, thatwe would have 6,319 miles of blankets.  That is as tall as 1,151 Mt. Everests, or the length of 92,680 football fields!
  • We are an all-volunteer organization (with the exception of our national president and her part-time assistant). The average coordinator donate approximately 20 hours per week to Project Linus. If the 295 coordinators were paid at $8.00 per hour, Project Linus would need $2,454,400 a year (or $8,320 per coordinator).

We sincerely appreciate all of the people who donate their time and skills to Project Linus. We couldn’t share blanket hugs with children without you.


  1. Suzie Gallaher says

    To Whom it May Concern,

    My name is Suzie and I am Registered Nurse at Banner UMC Tucson in the Trauma ICU. I am looking into revitalizing our bereavement program and I was wondering if your organization would be willing to donate blankets to our unit. We see many patients pass away each year after experiencing sudden, traumatic accidents/burn injuries, and having a blanket that could comfort the patient as they are passing, and that the family can take home to remember their loved one by would be immensely helpful and meaningful. Please let me know if your organization would like to partner with us to help make this process as meaningful and comforting as possible.

    Thank you very much,

    Suzie Gallaher

  2. Angela Cross says

    My son is 4 and is getting basic Surgery right. He is a very shy kid. He talked about how scared he was and due to covid19 only one Parent could go in with him. I was so happy when my husband sent me a picture of him smiling with his new blanket( made by Fred and Tina) it brings so much joy to us and i will keep it forever. Thank you for your love and kindness.

    • Serena Freewomyn says

      Hi, Angela. We’re so happy that your son likes his blanket. Best wishes for his recovery.

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