Share a Mask

Earlier in April, Project Linus Tucson announced that we are not having meetings or Sit & Sew sessions until further notice. We posted on Facebook that Project Linus has been helping healthcare centers by bringing cloth masks to the facilities. The CDC has posted a pattern to help people make their own masks. You don’t have to be an expert sewer to make face masks.

Banner/UMC facilities in Tucson was the first “drop-off” locations to receive fabric masks from community organizations. Folks all over Tucson have been serving the community. We appreciate every person who has been making masks, whether they’re a member of Project Linus or not.

Aside, from Banner, there are other healthcare facilities for need our help. You can follow us on Facebook for updates about ways to serve our community. In the meantime, keep up the great work you’re going on blankets! Let’s keep making blanket hugs so that we can share them when we are able to visit our recipients.

When Life Hands You Scraps

Due to requests from President Trump, Governor Ducey, and Mayor Romero, Project Linus Tucson will follow the request to continue our social distancing until April 30th. All Project Linus Tucson’s activities, including blanket delivery, are officially cancelled until further notice.

Project Linus Tucson will not risk the health of the children we are trying to help. We respect the hard work of the doctors, nurses, and staff members who are working diligently to serve the community. And we appreciate the dedication of our volunteers and want to help them and their families stay healthy.

If you’re stuck at home and need a positive focus, make a blanket! Our recipients will probably run out of blankets before the end of April. Let’s be ready to help them by focusing on the things that we can do to make a difference in our community.

Fall 2019 Updates


I cannot believe we are entering the fourth and final quarter of 2019 already.  I am so pleased with the productivity and generosity of this chapter.  Tucson is truly a giving city and we are the beneficiaries of it.  I expect to close out the year with a bang!

As most of you know, my brother has been fighting cancer for most of this past year.  He is finally at peace now and free of his pain.  We will miss him so much but he lives on in his children and grandchildren!


Earlier this year, I established a satellite chapter in Heber/Overgaard with a huge helping hand from Mary Tanner.  She has jumped in as the leader of the group with much enthusiasm and energy.  They are growing each month, adding more and more talented blanketeers as the word is spreading in the area.  Mary has 2 facilities to deliver blankets to each month and more to touch base with as the supply of blankets grows.  I can’t thank Mary enough for the work she has put into making this a success!  The children in the White Mountains are very lucky to have her and her group!!

I have also begun working with a group of blanketeers in the Sierra Vista area.  The plans are in progress to have a drop off site for them as well.  Again, they are so talented and we are lucky to have them as part of our organization!


I would be remiss if I didn’t say a huge Thank You to the following foundations and companies for supporting this chapter thru their generous grants and donations:

  • Sundt Foundation
  • Wal-Mart
  • Foothills Club of Tucson

Many, many thanks!!


Many have asked that I keep posting the blanket sizes that this chapter is needing.  Keep in mind, these are guidelines.  We rarely cannot find a home for a blanket.  But do try to stay close to these sizes.  We can’t find many children who are only 30” wide and 6′ tall.

Preemie: nothing smaller than 30”x30” up to 35”x35”. These blankets must be quilted and not tied and the yarn must be a very tight stitch to keep tiny arms and legs from becoming tangled.

Baby: 36”x36” to 40”x40”.  Please use age appropriate prints and fabrics.

Child: 40”x40” to 45”x45”.  Keep in mind that we have boys in that 8-10 age group so choose patterns and fabrics to please them.  We are always short on boy blankets.

Teen: 45”x45” to 45”x60”.  Again, keep in mind that a teen boy doesn’t need baby ducks or teen girls may not want Disney princesses!

Please do not put fringes on the knitted and crocheted blankets.

Our chapter seems to need the baby and child sizes the most but please don’t forget the teens, especially the teen boys!

And as always, check and double check for pins, odors and pet fur. Due to the chance of allergies, we cannot use wool or wool blends of any sort.


We have our monthly meeting inside the Sundt Construction building at 2015 W. River Road the 3rdFriday of each month at 9:30 a.m.  Please join us!  We have a short business meeting, show and tell, and the distribution of the blankets.  This coming quarter, the dates are October 18, November 15 and December 20.


Each month on the last Monday, we have a work day at Aviva Children’s Services, 153 S. Plumer from 10 to 3.  All blanketeers are welcome, not just quilters!  Bring your current project, your sewing machine, knitting needles and crochet hooks, as well as a brown bag lunch.  I will bring fabric kits and yarn kits for those who need something to work on. This is a day to relax, visit and create blankets!  This quarter, the dates are October 28 and November 25.  There will be no December date due to the holidays.


I want to say a special Thank You to all of you participating in the Challenge this year! I would love to have a picture of the final product to put into our Project Linus scrapbook.  For those of you who attend the meetings, please bring in your blanket for Show & Tell!

10/14 – Work day at Vail del Webb
10/18 – Monthly meeting
10/21 – Santa Catalina Catholic Church 
10/23 – Rotaract Club @ U of A
10/28 – Sit & Sew
11/01 – Good Deeds Done Together in Green Valley
11/15 – Monthly meeting
11/25 – Sit & Sew
11/27 – Amphi Middle School’s Day of Kindness
12/03 – U of A Athletes
12/20 – Monthly meeting

For more information on any of these dates, please contact me.


For those of you interested in keeping a tally of the number of blankets our chapter has delivered:

4942 as of September 30!!  Thank you to all who have made this possible!

The best kind of sleep under heaven above, is under a blanket handmade with love.

Rene Lassise, Coordinator