Every Blanket Counts

Yarned and Dangerous

Addysen with her grandmother Judy

Many people think that Project Linus is for retired folks, but that’s just not the case. Crocheting and knitting have found a popular resurgence within the hipster community, and that has trickled out to other young adults. Addysen Savage is a perfect example of people who have embraced the hooking hobby. She’s a fifteen-year-old high school freshman from the Phoenix area.

Addysen started volunteering with Project Linus West Valley Chapter in Fall 2014. She had been hospitalized and decided that she wanted to make blankets “to give back for all the times I received one when I was in the hospital. It also gives me a sigh of relief knowing other kids can get what I got when they are in a crisis.” The first meeting Addysen attended got her “hyped up. I learned how to do a double stitch, and then a single stitch. I was able to finish my blanket for the month, plus I even made another one on top of it.”

Addysen is active in the Girl Scouts. She decided that she would complete her Cadette Journey by making blankets for Project Linus. A Cadette Journey asks the Girl Scout Cadette to identify a community problem, propose a solution, and then complete fifty hours of community service to address the issue. “I decided to focus on how blankets effect kids who are in crisis. The long-term solution was to help the West Valley Project Linus chapter set a goal for making 450-500 blankets each month. This solution is sustainable because new members are always joining us. No matter what, EVERY BLANKET COUNTS.”

Addysen didn’t stop volunteering with Project Linus when she completed her Cadette Journey. She was hooked. “It’s hard to say what my favorite thing about Project Linus is, but I have to say I love connecting with people who are interested in the same things I am, and that I am treated like a ‘adult.’ The fact I was welcomed so warmly when I first started volunteering in a new environment was fantastic!”

When Addysen isn’t crocheting, she is a student aid for the sports teams at her school. “I get the water ready. I get supplies. I can provide CPR if needed. This is for all sports teams, but right now I’m working with the football players every Monday. I love to draw. I like hanging out with friends. And I love working out in PE class during the school days.”

Addysen is a great roll model. Find out how you can get involved with Project Linus Tucson. If you don’t live in Tucson, visit the national Project Linus website to find a chapter near you.

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