No-Sew Blankets

No-sew blankets are a quick and easy way to share a blanket hug with children in need. Many no-sew blanket instructions explain how to make double-layer blankets, and many fabric stores sell kits that contain two pieces of fleece. However, Tucson has a warm environment. One layer of fleece is all you need!

• 1.5 yards of patterned fleece
• Sharp scissors
• 4”x4” cutting square (you can make this yourself using cardboard) – draw 1” marks

1. Lay out the fabric on a flat surface. Trim the salvage before you start cutting the strips. Salvage is the part of the fabric that contains the manufacturers’ name. It is usually white, and it is a different texture than the rest of the fabric.
2. Use the 4”x4” cutting square to cut out all four corners of the fabric.
3. Cut 4”x1” strips around the blanket.
4. Tie each strip into a single knot. The strips do not need to be tied together.

That’s it! You’re done.

Please be mindful that fleece is prone to picking up lint and animal fur. Make sure that your blankets are clean before you deliver them to one of Project Linus Tucson’s drop-off locations. The children who receive the blankets may be sensitive to animal fur, or fragrances from laundry detergent or bags.
We appreciate your service and dedication to making children feel loved.

Click here to download the instructions for making No-Sew blankets.